Exploring the Untouched Parts of Jim Corbett National Park through Foot Safari

Jim Corbett National Park is a natural wonderland that is home to a plethora of animals, birds, and plants. While jeep safaris and elephant rides are popular among visitors, a foot safari offers an unparalleled experience of the park’s flora and fauna.

Foot Safari – An Introduction

The foot safari is organized by members of the local community who have lived in close proximity to the park for centuries. For them, the jungle is not just a means of travel; it is a way of life. They have an unmatched understanding of the park’s ecosystem, making them the best guides for a foot safari.

 Experience the Untouched Parts of the Park

The foot safari takes visitors through some of the most untouched parts of the park, where they can witness the beauty of nature up close. The terrain can be challenging, with rocky paths and uneven ground. It is recommended that visitors wear hiking shoes to navigate through the rugged landscape. The journey culminates in a visit to a nearby village named Ringoda, which borders the Garjiya zone. Proper precautions are taken to ensure visitors are kept away from harm’s way.

Local Community and Their Way of Life

The local community offers visitors an opportunity to experience the jungle like never before. They gather wood from inside the jungle and grow food using the fertile soil that is found in the vicinity of the Himalayas. During the foot safari, visitors can learn about their way of life and get a glimpse of their culture and traditions.

Village Experience and Local Food

The foot safari concludes with a visit to Ringoda, a nearby village, where visitors can enjoy local snacks and chai made from the most delicious milk they will ever taste. This is a unique opportunity to experience the local cuisine and interact with the friendly villagers.


A foot safari is an excellent way to explore the unexplored parts of Jim Corbett National Park while learning about the local community’s culture and way of life. The foot safari takes you through the rugged landscape of the park, and the experience culminates with a visit to the nearby village, where visitors can indulge in local snacks and chai. Book your foot safari in advance to enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience.