Price Starting from Rs. 12,500*


  1. Stay at a 3 star Property 
  2. 2 night Stay at a hotel inside the Jungle 
  3. One Jungle Jeep Safari 
  4. Room Tariff + Breakfast + Dinner, Included 
  5. Beverage on Arrival (in Summer it’s a cool Sharbat and During Winters it’s Hot Tea)
  6. Access to Swimming pool 
  7. Access to resort amenities 
  8. Star Gazing, if weather is clear 
  9. Access to Open air Gazebo with great music played at Night. 


  1. Taxi fare is not included. 
  2. Tips and Gratuities to serving staff are not part of this package. 
  3. Safari depends on availability. 
  4. Spotting a Tiger is not guaranteed. 


  1. We can arrange for a Foot Safari and Lunch at a village house at an additional cost of Rs. 1500/-
  2. We can arrange for Guided village tour at no additional  price but if you feel that the person who took you out on that tour needs to be rewarded please go ahead and show that you care. 
  3. Hiking trip to a  local temple can also be arranged at an additional cost of Rs. 100 per person. 

Top of the World Tour

A 5 night trip to some of the highest places in India starting from 25,000**


  1. 1 night at Jim Corbett in a 3 star Property. 
  2. 1 Jungle Jeep Safari
  3. 1 Night in Bhatrojkhan at a place overlooking the Oak Forest and Snow capped Himalayan peaks. 
  4. 1 night at Majhkhali at a Beautiful Colonels Bungalow overlooking Nanda devi Peaks of Himalayas. 
  5. Trip to Kasar Devi Temple in Binsar, and a night stay at Bhowali In Clarks Residences.
  6. Trip to Panghot Bird Sanctuary and Nainital Lake Trip and on while returning back to Delhi night stay Jim Corbett Jungle resort. 
  7.  After breakfast head back to your destination. 



  1. Stay at 3 star properties or lodges with breathtaking views.
  2. 2 Guests and a child below 5 years 
  3. Accommodation on twin sharing 
  4. Room Tariff + breakfast + Dinner is included 
  5. Village tour and Nature walk. 


  1. Taxi fare 
  2. Tips and gratuities 
  3. Alcohol 
  4. Soft drinks, beverages, juices or ordered from the menu 
  5. Food ordered from the menu other than that is part of your meal plan. 
  6. Extra adult