Mentoring to Start-ups

We provide mentoring services to startups that are at seed stage and early stage. Startups often comprise of smaller teams and feel the need for external inputs and advice to develop their business model or revenue model.We provide one stop shop services to the start ups from analyzing their various business requirements, educating them about the various fund raising options.

Guidance to ANGEL Investors

Angel Investors are usually Entrepreneurs or Individuals who invest in start-ups and early stage companies using a high-risk, high-return matrix and provide proactive advice, industry connections, and mentoring to founders. We provide guidance to ANGEL Investors to ensure that its members make the most profitable return on their Angel Investments. Using a granular approach, we dissect each venture to identify the best from the rest. The ones with the most entrepreneurial potential are selected to be presented to our members. Thereafter, each member invests in his / her individual capacity. We provide due diligence to the investors and advice on business opportunities that are being considered by the group.